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2016-8-20: Brianna Carter

“If you love old classic horror this is the place to go & see all your favorite characters! Everyone there loves what they do and it defiantly shows!! Great interaction with the people and very scary. Its a place you’ll wanna visit again and again. Great job guys!” – Brianna Carter (8-20-16)

2016-10-9: Savannah Cloud

“My favorite haunted house of all time. So much work goes into it and everyone is so committed to their roles. Good job everyone!” – Savannah Cloud (10-9-16)

2016-10-8: Denise Bradshaw

“All the characters were great in their roles. It had me on edge the entire time. Lots of scary fun.” – Denise Bradshaw (10-8-16)

2016-10-6: Angela Hercula

“We came all the way from the beach to Pinhead’s when Universal Studios was closed for hurricane Matthew. It was fantatic, a thirty minute tour through dark woods that takes you through all the classic horror movies and a few other suprises. I can’t wait to see what they add to the graveyard next year. The trail featured good use of atmospheric effects and very dedicated characters. Unlike other events of this nature we were able to easily navigate the self guided tour and get a close look at all of are tormented hosts.” – Angela Hercula (10-6-16)

2016-10-2: Jackie Thomas

“Last night had the pleasure of going to one of the areas haunted houses that feature all of the characters from different horror movies, you know Freddy, Jason, ghost face, and countless others. In my years of visiting ones like this I’ve grown tired of because they all are the same, they all jump out and scare you, you jump, scream and run. Well Pin Heads Graveyard is that type but oh they bring it. On a scale of 1-10 they are a 12 and they will scare you. From the opening of HellRaiser himself, PinHead invites you into his dark woods of torture, from there you are sucked into your own horror movie. I was blown away absolutely one of the best I have ever been too! From Otis to The creature form Jeepers Creepers it was amazing! If you’ve been and didn’t enjoy then something is wrong with you lol. If you haven’t been you need to go. I promise you will have a good time.” – Jackie Thomas (10-2-16)

2016-10-25: Tracy S

“Awesome! Every single character was perfectly creepy and authentic and the settings were amazing. I never had so much fun being scared. My son and I had a blast! What’s better than a dark wooded trail to be chased by Leatherface?  We will definitely be back next year.” – Tracy S (10-25-16)

2016-10-22:  James Podlewski

“If your deciding which haunted house to go to, save yourself time and money and go to Pinheads, we had a personalized experience from starting with Ms. Trisha and the whole crew! Will definitely come back year after year! Thank you for our new Halloween tradition!  Ended with being chased into our car by chainsaw guys! Definitely worth it!” – James Podlewski (10-22-16)

2016-10-19: Heather Dawn Adkins

“Pinheads is the best haunted house I’ve ever been to! The characters actually get into their roles and you can tell they love what they do. I love how you are able to step right into some old classic horror movies, along with a few other surprises. I’ve gone through every year for the past three years, and its always getting better every year. Its definitely worth the money! I can’t wait to see what surprises they have next year!” – Heather Dawn Adkins (10-19-16)

2016-10-19:  Tonya Barnes

“First off let me say WE LOVED IT!!!! Me and my boyfriend went tonight it was my first time an I’ve never been so scared in my life. Every where I turned something was there! Michael Myers was so real and Baby and Otis somehow knew my name like they were waiting for me. We loved every second of it and will go back every year!! Oh and watch out for Freddy and Jeepers Creepers will be there and they don’t play games. Had a blast loved it love you guys see ya next time!!!” – Tonya Barnes (10-19-16)

2016-10-17: Jeannette Brackett

“I loved this experience, the cast was very authentic in the outfits and very interactive with the guest, I left laughing and crying it will definitely scare you…” – Jeannette Brackett (10-17-16)

2016-10-15: Tristen Colby

“Wow that was amazing! So realistic and a very reasonable price.” – Tristen Colby (10-15-16)

2016-10-14: Alysia Vance

My fiancé & I made our yearly anniversary visit to Pinhead’s Graveyard last Sunday night, & somehow managed to get out alive! Not before Freddy asked us for a selfie, though. 😉 Thanks to the staff for always making us feel so welcome, and for all the congratulatory comments on our relationship! We look forward to our date night with you all every single year, and this one was the best yet! You guys are AWESOME, and we can’t wait to see you again NEXT October! (by then, we’ll be Mr. & Mrs.!)” – Alysia Vance (10-14-16)

2016-10-02: Scott Salisbury

“As I do every year I headed up to my favorite haunted attraction, Pinheads Graveyard. I was thrilled with the performance of everyone this year and of all the years I have been attending, this year is the best! If you have not yet been, you need to!” – Scott Salisbury (10-2-16)

2016-08-15: Cody Parham

“This is the best place in the state NO the country to go and get scared to death. Best people in the world that work there!!” – Cody Parham (8-15-16)

2015-11-01: Tiffany Hensley

“Pinheads Graveyard was really scary but it was fun even though they told me they were going to kill me i had alot of fun pinheads graveyard is the best!!!!!! – Tiffany Hensley (11-1-15)

2015-11-01: April Geisler

“Thanks for the scares!!! We took our teen age girls and they had the scare of their life. We will be back!” – April Geisler (11-1-15)

2015-10-19: Retro Gamer

“We loved it! Loved we could have some fun in our hometown of Canton. Having the characters we watched scaring us ~ run around ~ was wonderful! Thanks Pinhead and crew.” – Retro Gamer (10-19-2015)

2015-10-17: Jacob Owen

“Hopefully I can go this year. It was fun and scary at the same time lol. See yah there pinhead.” – Jacob Owen (10-17-15)

2014-10-31: Charles Robinson

“Had a great time last night at Pinhead’s Graveyard! Everyone did such a great job to ensure everyone got their share of scares! Looking forward to next year already!!” – Charles Robinson, WWE Referee (10-31-14)

2014-10-25: Donny Sheets

“Took my wife and her little sister, was great! Both of them can’t sleep now. Good job folks.” – Donny Sheets (10-25-14)

2014-10-09:  Curtis C

My wife and I drove over an hour and a half from Lenoir to check out Pinheads last night. This is not your traditional haunt. Most places use shock factor. Pinheads brings up all the fear you had from watching horror movies and puts you in those situations (watch a few before you go for the best fright). I’ve been to haunts before where the actors are bored with scaring people. The entire PHG staff was great, the lady you pay to get in was very nice, and the actors were dedicated and wonderful. Scary!!! – Curtis C (10-9-14)

2014-08-03: Luke Wyatt

“If you truly want the life scared out of you then look no further! Pinhead’s Graveyard has such sights to behold that only the brave and foolish dare enter this museum of the macabre…” – Luke Wyatt (8-3-2014)

2014-08-02: Crystal Riddle

“Last year was my kids first time, we had a blast and will definitely be back. This picture was at Pinhead’s Graveyard waiting for our turn to become the victims!!!!”  – Crystal Riddle (8-2-2014)

2014-07-31: Jennifer Coates

“We loved Pinhead’s Graveyard last year. All the characters were amazing. It was so scary I was afraid to walk to my car. Would recommend everyone go!” – Jennifer Coates (7-31-2014)

2013-10-26:  Blue Ridge

“A buddy and I went last night for our first trip to Pinhead’s Graveyard.  We are both big horror fans and you guys did not disappoint.  It was awesome…the best haunted experience I’ve been to in a long time.  Definitely worth the long drive from Burnsville. It was cool meeting and talking to R.A. Mihailoff. I can’t wait till next year now to see what you guys come up with.” – Blue Ridge (10-26-2013)

2013-07-25: Summer Ramzey

“I can’t wait for this years haunt! It gets more scary every year!” – Summer Ramzey (07-13-2013)

2012-10-22: Brian Thomas

“Wow! We are from Florida and Pinhead’s Graveyard is much more intense than Busch Gardens Howl O Scream or Universal Studios Horror Nights.” – Brian Thomas (10-22-2012)

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