Welcome to PinheadsGraveyard.com Version 2.0!

Welcome to PinheadsGraveyard.com Version 2.0!

Welcome to PinheadsGraveyard.com Version 2.0 – “We have such sights to show you”!  This upgraded website has been a long time coming and Otis has spent countless hours getting it ready for you all.  So if you like it, please give him a high five, dap, hug, or even kiss (girls only) when you come to the Graveyard this year!

The website will provide News, Announcements, Videos, Pictures, and much more.  Please remember to like our Facebook page for up to the minute announcements and news (including inclement weather related information).

The upgraded website has several new sections including;
•    Fan Reviews – leave your review and be featured on our site,
•    Victims Gallery – submit your own pictures,
•    Volunteer Form – become a part of the Pinhead’s Graveyard family,
•    Webstore – improved interface with official items & new products coming soon,
•    History of Pinhead’s Graveyard – a stroll down Elm Street & Memory Lane,
•    Contact Form – easily send us a question from the website,
•    Responsive Mobile Version of website,
•    Picture Sharing / Comments,
•    News Article Sharing / Comments,
•    And much more!

We have a lot of things planned for this year and in the future including new Merchandise, Celebrity Appearances, TV/Radio Appearances, and much more.  Please stay tuned!  And as always, “Your Suffering will be Legendary!” – Pinhead

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