Pinhead’s Graveyard, located in Asheville, North Carolina, is one of the best & top rated haunted houses in North Carolina. You will see main horror movie characters who do not want to be bothered including Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Otis, Victor Crowley, Jeepers Creepers, Scream, and many more.

The realism and terror of the trail are second to none.  The Graveyard has become one of the Largest Outdoor Haunted Houses in the Southeast.  More than 1/2 mile of terror to walk through, this self-guided tour will leave anyone’s nerves shocked and almost paralyzed! The 25+ minute path is not for the faint of heart!  Located in a thick, dense wooded area with a mountain stream, and endless woods that only Pinhead and his Friends could find their way out of.


The graveyard is appropriate for all ages and groups with small children can expect a toned down version of scares. Even though we take pride on the realism of our haunted house, we also take pride that we are family orientated and family friendly. We are a fun and safe haunted house that people visit in October.

Is it scary?

If you come to get scared, yes. If you come to show your girlfriend or friends how much of a bigger person you are than Michael Myers, then no. Pinhead’s Graveyard is a unique haunted house in which we focus on Horror movie characters. Thousands are spent on our character costumes. Being an outdoor haunted house, it is hard to put money into props due to weather and outside wear and tear. All of the horror icons are in the flesh at Pinhead’s. You will not see Freddy with a cheap mask and a plastic glove. You will not see a cheap Michael Myers mask carrying an electric chainsaw with a 10′ cord. You will not see cheap masks and kids yelling “Boo” or screaming for effect. Everything you love about your favorite movie characters will be portrayed at Pinhead’s. Do any of your favorite serial killer icons scream in your favorite movies? No, and we don’t either. We are second to none in realism and not a cheap thrills haunted house.


Is it suitable for children?

Yes, we are an all ages event. We try to keep the children/families in their own groups and our characters make the experience enjoyable for children. Also, no alcohol is sold or allowed on the property.


Do you open in the rain/snow?

Depends. If the weather is a light rain/drizzle we are normally open. The same with snow flurries. If you are traveling a long ways to see us, please like our Facebook page for up to the minute updates when there are inclement weather conditions. Also, you may Contact Us and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.


Can I smoke and or drink on property?

Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot. Since we are in the woods, and the woods are flammable, we do not allow smoking while walking through the haunted house. No alcohol is allowed.


Can I push, yell at, or touch the characters?

No. We are highly trained professionals and if you are making a fool of yourself you will get ignored. If you are yelling while our characters are talking, your group will be sent on and the show will be ruined for everyone else. If you push or cause a confrontation with our characters, you will get escorted out. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. We are all there to have fun and get scared, let’s keep it that way.


Can we wear costumes?

Yes, we allow and encourage victims to dress up and wear costumes. It is the Halloween season and we all deserve to celebrate. As a reminder, we do not allow weapons. Our serial killers also carry weapons and ours are more than likely bigger and sharper than yours.


Are there refunds if we get scared?

No. You are paying to get scared, therefore no refunds.


Can I wear high heels?

You can.  But there is a good chance you might trip and Otis will laugh.  Proper outdoor attire should be worn. We are in the woods and it is cold. Also, the path can be uneven, slippery, rocky, etc. in parts. Proper foot attire should be worn. Enter at your Own Risk as we are not responsible if you trip/fall or get your shoes dirty.


Are there strobe lights?

Yes, there are strobe lights.


What time do you open/close?

We normally open around 8:00pm every night. This time could be sooner or later depending upon how dark it is that evening and also if we are ready to open yet or not. Generally we are running groups by 8:15pm. We normally close around 10:00pm Sunday-Thursday and around 12pm Midnight Friday-Saturday. If you know that you are working, running late, or won’t be there until shortly after we are supposed to close, please Contact Us and we will accommodate you if possible.


How long does the trail take?

Depends upon how fast you run or how slow you walk. Normal time is 20-25 minutes. If you run, it will be faster. The trail right now is the longest it has ever been. For those of you who remember Azalea Road, you know that we have come a long way and intend to keep up that pace in the years to come.


But other haunted house boast to be an hour long, why should I choose Pinhead's?

Because once you enter Pinhead’s, you will not have to stop or wait in line to go into the next part of the attraction. There are no breaks while walking through. You get to experience the terror continuously instead of stopping, waiting in line, having time to talk and getting out of the terror mode you are in.


Do we have a guide?

No, we are a self-guided haunt. It is very important that you stay with your group the entire time.


Do you accept credit/debit cards?

No, cash only. There is an ATM about 1 mile away.


Can we take pictures/video inside the Graveyard?

No photography of any kind is allowed in the graveyard. Haunted houses are dark and people’s eyes (especially the characters) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you are not only ruining other victims’ experience, but you’re hurting the characters’ eyes.  If you see a character in the parking lot ask to have your picture taken with them.  We love taking pictures with victims, it’s just hard to do while inside the graveyard.  Also, Pinhead will take pictures if it is a slower night.  So if you are in line, all you have to do is ask the person selling tickets if Pinhead can take a picture with you.  If he is available, and after he gets his chains ready for your arrival, he will be more than happy to take a picture.


Can I go if I am pregnant?

Yes, if you are in the early stages of your pregnancy.  However, please remember the path is uneven and the scares are real.


Do you sell beverages or souvenirs?

We do not sell beverages/food. We do sell T-Shirts, Lanyards, Hats, Victim badges, and other merchandise found on our web Store.


Is there a charge for parking?

No, parking is FREE. If someone asks you to pay please let the people at the front of the trail know so our security can take care of it.


Is there Security/Law Enforcement?



I have always wanted to be a part of a haunted house. How can I do so?

We are always looking for serious volunteers who want to be a part of the Pinhead’s family. Please send go to our Volunteer page, fill the form out, and we will be in touch!